This initiative proposes the creation and exploration of the idea of "temporary territories" [territórios temporários] as an aural and sonic space of intervention in a specific context of city or place. It will result in a set of listening events with a performative or installation character.

Territórios Temporários is a project that seeks to reinforce and deepen a broader investigation around the possibilities that digital interfaces bring to the fields of sound diffusion and listening as a performative act.


A group of musicians, composers and sound artists were invited to recreate "temporary territories". In the foreground, through the physical distribution of several audio send/receive points, connected through a centralized online network; and in the background, extrapolating multiple digital configurations and trajectories between sound and territory.

The artistic practice associated with the project generates an articulation between the developed digital infrastructure and the territorial context in which it is inserted, in the dimensions of the sound landscape, the aural architecture and the musical instrumentation, exploring methodologies and strategies of improvisation and composition, crossing music and sound arts.

Territórios Temporários intends to create a challenge regarding the relationships between sound, space and time, as well as the articulation and agency with which the artistic team, using the infrastructure created, will form a set of artistic events within the scope of "network music".


The project includes a public program that will take place in the cities of Lisboa, Montemor-o-Novo and Porto, consisting of two cycles of performances and installations created by a group of invited artists, and two workshops that will open the discussion and stimulate the experimentation with the developed hardware and software.

Territórios Temporários continues the experimentation practice that began in 2015 with the MATRIZ project, which resulted in the development of a collaborative music network software and its application through a set of concerts, carried out by a distributed ensemble of musicians between three different cities (Porto, Montemor-o-Novo and Lisboa).

It is promoted by, in partnership with Oficinas do Convento, Sonoscopia, Osso, Trienal de Lisboa, MILL - Makers In Little Lisbon and Câmara Municipal de Montemor-o-Novo. Funded by Direção Geral das Artes.