28th-30th July 2017 / Oporto

An open research laboratory. A space dedicated to the discussion and experimentation of the network music practice infrastructure that has been developed in recent years.

This activity proposed to open the reflection around the artistic dimension that has been explored using this system and to contribute to broaden the community interested on the research - technical and/or artistic - in the field of network music.

A first part of the laboratory was dedicated to the presentation of the modular components of software and hardware that integrate the infrastructure; a second part was dedicated to the accomplishment of an artistic exercise that tested the potentialities of the system.

This lab happened at Sonoscopia.

6th-8th October 2017 / Lisbon

Second open lab with the main objective of demonstrate, talk about and experience the software and hardware built throughout the project.
Three days in which the system developed was available to everyone who wanted to test their ideas or to project future initiatives using this medium.

It took place at MILL - Makers In Little Lisbon.