An invitation to listen the soundscape of a specific place. A proposal that challenges the displacement and overlapping of sound spaces, the aggregation and fragmentation of the aural landscape.

The installation gains body through a musical piece where the environment sound sources of the context in which it is inserted are the basic material of the composition. The piece has two specific dimensions, a first one based on a generative algorithm and a second that requires the manipulation of a sculptural object by the public.

The installation takes place in a room that privileges an attentive listening. It is activated through a performance and the interaction of the auditorium with the digital interface. Simultaneously, the whole event is transmitted live on an online page.

[DOCUMENTATION / 2nd-9th JULY 2017]

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interface / binaural RECORDING

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random 1 / binaural RECORDING

00'00" (7'06")

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sequence 1 / binaural RECORDING

00'00" (6'35")

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sequence 2 / binaural RECORDING

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random 2 / stereo RECORDING

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Installation Video


This proposal is based on a system built with five main components, independent and linked together, which form a linear and sequential infrastructure:

    1. centralized topology internet network: distribution of a set of audio capture and transmission points in the intervention context (a city, a place, a region), and its live connection to a central server;

    2. central server: articulation of all connections between the network and audio components, unit where the sound piece is processed;

    3. listening room: resonance space of the sound piece with the use of audio equipment that integrates four loudspeakers;

    4. sculptural object: an interactive interface that adds a micro-controller (arduino). An invitation to the audience participation as creative agent in the sound piece itself;

    5. final digital transmission: a microphone in the listening room allows a live and continuous broadcast of the whole event for a web page.


2nd-9th JULY 2017 - Oficinas do Convento / Festival Cidade Preocupada
Chapter Room of the São Francisco Convent, Montemor-o-Novo

Installation that started from a set of sound landscapes from various audio capture and transmission points distributed in the region of Montemor-o-Novo.

A bakery, a pond, a bar and a roundabout were part of the choice of the aural environment that gave body to the sound piece.

The composition was based on a generative basis algorithm and a participatory system, inviting the interaction of the public through the manipulation of the sculptural object, that was simultaneously a digital interface.

The entire event could be heard in real time on the project website.


Sound Piece: João Bastos, Nuno Torres, Tiago Fróis
Physical Interface / Sculpture: Tiago Fróis
Sensorial System: Mauricio Martins e Tiago Rorke
Network System: Vasco Pita
Digital Interface / Pd: Nuno Torres